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3rd Party Integrations are supported through the forum only.  Please post all your questions to: http://forums.clickandpledge.com/forumdisplay.php?f=79

Paid Memberships Pro requires a minimum of WordPress version 3.0+
  1. Install & enable the Paid Memberships Pro plugin - http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/paid-memberships-pro.zip
  2. Copy all downloaded files to the WordPress project plugins:  <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\ 
Integration of Click & Pledge:
It is recommended that all replaced files are backed up for reference.
  1. Download the Click & Pledge plugin from WordPress:  https://wordpress.org/plugins/click-pledge-paid-memberships-pro/
  2. Copy all files downloaded from WordPress to the following locations - make sure to follow the file structure hierarchy as provided in the downloaded folder.
    • Copy file ‘paymentsettings.php’ to <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\paid-memberships-pro\adminpages\  [replaces the paymentsettings.php]
    • Copy file‘class.pmprogateway_cnp.php’ to <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\paid-memberships-pro\classes\gateways\
    • Create a folder called:  CnP in <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\paid-memberships-pro\classes\gateways\ paid-memberships-pro\includes\lib
    • Copy files ‘Countries.xml’, ‘US_States.xml’ to <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\paid-memberships-pro\includes\lib\CnP\
Set Up:1
  • Login to WordPress:  http://<your_wordpress_home>/wp-login.php
  • Click on ‘plugins->Installed Plugins’ & enable the ‘Paid Memberships Pro’ 

    Paid Memberships Pro Enable

Payment Settings

Payment setting is the place where the Payment Gateway, Click & Pledge Settings, Currency and Tax Settings and SSL Settings were defined.

Payment Gateway:

  1. Login to PaidMembershipPro account and click on ‘Memberships’.
  2. Select ‘Payment Settings’.
  3. Click ‘Payment Gateway and SSL’.
  4. Select ‘Click & Pledge’ from the dropdown menu as the payment gateway.
  5. Select the Gateway environment. Sandbox is for Testing and Production is for Live.

Click & Pledge Settings:

To obtain your Click & Pledge Account ID and GUID Key, Login to your Click and Pledge account at https://login.connect.clickandpledge.com Then click on Launcher > Settings > API Information. See image below.


Currency and Tax Settings:

To add Tax for US & Non-US countries & states the Click & Pledge tax settings plugin is required:
  • Copy ‘pmp-tax’ folder from downloaded files to <your host root>\wp-content\plugins\
  • Click to  ‘plugins->Installed Plugins’ and enable the ‘PMPro Customizations’ plugin

    Paid Memberships Pro Customization

Currency: Select the Currency from the dropdown menu. Please check with your gateway as all currencies are not supported.

Accepted Credit Card Types: Enable the checkboxes from which credit cards you want to accept the payment.

Sales Tax: It’s an optional field where the state abbreviation and the tax rate may be given. This field is only for US. If the values are given, tax will be applied for any members ordering from the selected state.

Currency and Tax Settings

Adding Connect Campaign URL Alias

Connect Campaign URL Alias field can be added to the form so that the transacted amount will be added to the selected campaign. By entering the Connect Campaign URL Alias in the Form, the receipt assigned to the Connect Campaign will replace the generic receipt.

To know the Connect Campaign URL Alias, login to Connect platform (https://login.connect.clickandpledge.com) > Launcher > Fundraising > Campaigns > Select the desired campaign > Campaign Details > Campaign Settings > Basic Information > Campaign Alias.

Connect Campaign Settings 

To add the Connect Campaign URL Alias to the form, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login to the Paid Membership Pro.

Step 2: Select ‘Memberships’ from the menu which is at the left side.

Step 3: Select ‘Membership Levels’

Step 4: Enter the Connect Campaign URL Alias.

Connect Campaign URL Alias

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