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C&P Settings

CAP Settings Configure Settings

C&P Settings allow you to manage features of the Payment as a Service Application including Object Settings, Virtual Terminal, Record Types, Swiper1, and Autoresponder.

C&P Account

To use the Virtual Termimal and it many features including card swipe, reprocessing transactions, Swiper1, you must add your Click & Pledge account information into C&P Account tab. This includes:

  • C&P Account Name - Name this whatever you wish. This is used for your internal reference.
  • C&P Account Number - This is your Click & Pledge Account Number. See below for instructions to find.
  • C&P Account GUID - This number is located in your Click & Pledge Account. See below for instructions to find.
  • C&P Account Status - Select from drop down menu your Click & Pledge Account Status.
Once you enter the above information, click 'Add/Update.' Once Account is created it can be modified by clicking 'Edit'. Or deleted by clicking 'Del'.

To locate your C&P Account Number and GUID, follow these steps:
  1. Login to you Click & Pledge Account at  https://portal.clickandpledge.com/
  2. Click 'Account Info' in upper right corner
  3. Under 'Your Profile' tab, click 'API Information'
  4. Find Account ID (C&P Account Number) and API (PaaS/FaaS) Account GUID (C&P Account GUID)
Account Info

Contact and Account

You may customize your Contact and Account settings by editing fields and clicking 'Update Settings'.

account and record types
  • Account Settings – Select Do NOT create Accounts for new Contacts, 1 to 1, or 1 to many account/contact types.
    • Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) Users: Within C&P Settings select Do NOT create Accounts for new Contacts (available in C&P PaaS versions 4.11 and 5). The NPSP already creates accounts.  In version 7.0 the appropriate option will automatically be selected and no options are available.
    • Person Accounts:  The following options are available if the instance is a Person Account.  [Version 7+]. With Person Accounts the following fields will be mapped:
      • PersonEmail
      • PersonMailingCity
      • PersonMailingStreet
      • PersonMailingCountry
      • PersonPostalCode
      • PersonState
      • PersonOtherCity
      • PersonOtherCountry
      • PersonOtherPostalCode
      • PersonOtherState
      • PersonOtherPhone
      • PersonOtherStreet
Account Settings for Persons Accounts
  • Record Types - May assign Record Types based on WID. WID stands for Window ID number which is automatically assigned to all Click & Pledge checkout pages upon creation. See location of Checkout page WID in example below:

With Contact Matching you can customize when your Contacts are to be created by choosing a Match Mode and selecting which field you want to include.

Match Mode - Choose a mode. Note: Most organization should find that Semi Automatic will work best. With Contact Settings the modes are:

  • Fully Automatic Contact Creation - A transaction will be placed under an existing Contact when one of the selected fields within each of your chosen columns is matched. If a transaction does not meet the selected criteria then a new Contact is created.
  • Semi Automatic Contact Create -  A transaction will be placed under an existing Contact when one of the selected fields within each of your chosen columns is matched. If a transaction does not meet the selected criteria then it will be created in C&P Temporary Contact.
  • Manual Contact Creation - Every transaction will create a contact within C&P Temporary Contact.

Note: C&P Temporary Contact tab will allow you to choose to create a new contact or merge with an existing contact.

Match Fields: Select field(s) you wish to have the Contact search select from. For columns, you can choose one or more fields. To select more than one field in a column, select <CTRL> key then select fields. A Contact will need to match one field within each column. Only choose fields within the columns you wish to have included in the search. See example below:

Match Fields


You may customize your Opportunity settings by editing fields and clicking 'Update Settings'.

Opportunity Settings
  • Customize when opportunity is created based on transaction type and/or fees
  • Opportunity Products: Use products for each item in an opportunity – each product within a transaction will be created as an Opportunity
    • Products are matched against the Product ID & SKU.  If the SKU of the item being posted matches the Product ID and the price the product will be assigned to the opportunity.  If either the SKU or the price does not match a new product will be created.
    • Product matching does not use the price book.
  • Create Contact Role for each Opportunity - choose Contact Role from dropdown box
  • Customize name - Create a custom name for your Opportunity by selecting from available menus such as Order Number, date, contact name, etc and using the text box.  The name may be customized based on Item's SKU.  The total number of characters may not exceed 120 characters for the opportunity.  To add space in any text field use {%20}
  • Stage: Choose from stages for transaction types
  • Opportunity Settlements: Include the following stages with probability of less than 100% and not included in any C&P Transactions
  • Lead Source: Select Lead Source for transactions
  • Record Types: Select Record type for opportunities
  • Primary Campaign Source: Use conditions to apply Campaign ID

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal: Add data to auto-fill fields within C&P Virtual Terminal. Auto-fill fields are tied to one Click & Pledge Account. Enter in data then click 'Update Settings' to save. Fields that can be auto-filled are:

  • Payment Description
    • Payment for -name the payment
    • Unit Price $
    • % Unit Discount
    • % Unit Tax
    • SKU
    • % Unit Tax Deductible
    • Total Shipping $
    • Convenience Fee: ___% + $ ___
  • Tracker and Campaign
  • Recurring Payment
Payment Methods: Add accepted payment methods. Under Custom Payment Types, specific names may be added i.e. Cash, Direct Deposit, etc.

Receipt Customization: Set default for receipts sent via email to Contact

Additional Questions: Many features can be used
  • "Allow adding questions in VT" - Opt to allow a Salesforce User to add question within Virtual Terminal.
  • Default questions and Answers may be added.
  • If Question checked as Mandatory, a question must be completed before transaction can process.

Custom Question Mapping

Version #:  7

"Custom Answers" & "Custom Questions" may be mapped to any TEXT fields in the Contact or Opportunity objects.  Using the various conditions as applied to item SKU's static texts as well as answers provided to form questions may be mapped to specific fields.

The following conditions may be applied to SKU's:
  • SKU Is
  • SKU Starts With
  • SKU Ends With
  • SKU Includes
  • Is Recurring
  • Any SKU
The following objects may be mapped to:
  • Account
  • Contact
  • Opportunity
The following field types are available for mapping:
  • Text field
  • Multi-line text field
When the item's SKU matches any of the above conditions the associated text will be added to the mapped object's field.  Of the above conditions, "Is Recurring" applies to any recurring payment without any constraint on the SKU.  Conditions are met from top to the bottom replacing the text added from a prior condition if multiple conditions are satisfied.

Custom Question Mapping

Using the Custom Question mapping, the answer provided by the form or a text replacement may be added to the available objects, as seen in the above example.


Swiper1 Mobile Payment

Swiper1 provides an easy way to swipe & process a credit card using an Android mobile phone.  The device connects to the audio-jack of an Android phone and provides the following capabilities:

  • Purchase or payment for multiple items
  • Addition of tax and tax deductible portion
  • Printing of receipts using a Bluetooth mobile printer
  • Look-up of Contact Information through Salesforce
  • Addition of extra donation / tip / payment before checkout
  • Addition of signature to purchases above a certain limit
  • Ability to accept a recurring transaction
  • Addition of custom questions
The Swiper1 option in the C&P Settings enables the web service reporting for the mobile app to lookup the contact information.


Add an unlimited number of email servers to your account. These servers can be chosen with your autoreponder emails. Currently Salesforce has a limit of 1,000 emails per rolling 24 hours. This allows you to choose your own email server for email responses. Once you add in your Server information select 'Add/Update'. Once SMTP server created use Edit to make changes or Del to delete.  Using external SMTP servers uses the API calls which are limited to 10,000/month by default.  Additional API calls may be purchased through Salesforce if needed.

To set up your SMTP Server:

  • Enter Display Name for internal use
  • Enter Server Information
    • Outgoing Mail Server (SMPT)
    • Server Port Number (SMPT)
    • Enable SSL - click checkbox
  • Login Information
    • User Name
    • Password

Gmail settings:
Gmail may be used as the SMTP server for sending emails through Salesforce.  Please note that 2-factor authentication enabled accounts will not work through this setup.
  • SMTP:  smtp.gmail.com
  • Server Port Number:  587
  • Enable SSL:  True

Autoresponder defaults

Set up the default information to be used with Autoresponder emails and click Save. Included fields are:

  • Show Tags in Autoresponder. To select more than one or deselect all, hold <CTRL> key.
  • Mail From Name: Name you wish to email to be from. Use name not email address.
  • Mail From Address: Enter an email address. This email will show that it was from this email address.
  • Reply To Address: Enter an email address. Any replies to the email will be sent to this email address.
  • Subject: Enter in Subject line for email.
  • BCC the following email addresses when the message goes out (type email addresses separate by semicolon: Add email addresses of those who need to receive a copy of the email when sent. All email addresses must be separated by a semicolon [;].


With Autoresponder you can select when and who to send an already created email to after a transaction. These emails are pulled from templates created using C&P Designer. Create an unlimited number of new autoresponders by adding information and clicking Save. Use Edit and Del (delete) to modify previously created ones.

Fields include:
  • C&P Autoresponder (On New)
    • Responder Name
    • Tags
    • C&P Template Name
    • SMTP Sender
    • Mail To
    • Reply To Address:
    • C&P Account Status
  • Send When: Set the conditions for when you would like this email to go out.
    • Payment Method
      • Credit card
        • Visa
        • Master Card
        • Discover
        • American Express
        • JCB
      • eCheck
      • Invoice
      • Purchase Order
      • Custom Payment Type
    • Payment Status
      • Authorized
      • Declined
    • Campaign
    • Checkout Page WID
    • SKU
    • Payment Amount
    • Custom Questions
  • Mail Policies
    • Log Retention
    • Stop deliver after
  • Send Option
    • Immediately, Delayed, On a specific date & time
    • Internal notifications: add email addresses that need to receive a copy of this email. All emails must be separated by a semicolon [;].

Countries & States

Version #:  7.0

Forms & API platform post full ISO names for billing Country.  The two options provided in this tab force the country & state/province to be posted as 2 character instead of the full ISO name, e.g. United States of America = US, Canada = CA, United Kingdom = UK

Prior to synchronization the only available option is the "Synchronize Country, State & Province Database".   To import the Country / State database click on the synchronization button.  The database requires ~8MB of storage and enough space should be available to accommodate the necessary space.

Country & States

To post the 2 letter abbreviation instead of the full ISO name select the appropriate radio button for Country or State / Province.


Version # 7.3

The “Notifications” tab provides various notification methods for the following conditions:

  • Temporary Contact: for Semi-automatic & Manual Contact matching
  • New Contact: for Fully-automatic

Based on the selected condition a notification may be created as a “Task for a User”, “Task for Contact” or as an Email. 



Release 7.4

In Relationships, click on 'Add New' button to list all relationships you wish to apply to Contacts.

Enter Relationship types

Once relationship types have been added here, then relationships can be defined between Contacts and soft credits can be assigned to future transactions. To view Relationships on Contact page, be sure to change in Setup.

Note: Once a relationship has been defined and assigned to a Contact it cannot be deleted or edited. To delete or edit a relationship all references to the Relationship have to be removed.

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