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Shopp Plugin

Shopp is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature rich online store to your WordPress powered website or blog.

Details about the Shopp Plugin may be found at the company's site @  https://shopplugin.net/

Installation Procedure

  • Download the Click & Pledge integration module from GitHub: https://github.com/ClickandPledge/wordpress-shopp
  • Unzip the downloaded file
  • Copy ClickandPledge.php:
    •  source:  \\CnP_ShoppPlugin_Installation\wp-content\plugins\shopp\gateways\ClickandPledge\ClickandPledge.php
    • destination:  \\Your wordpress+shopp Project\wp-content\plugins\shopp\gateways\ClickandPledge

  • Login to the WordPress Administrative Pane
WordPress Plugin
  • Once logged in click on the Setup > Payments link in the Shopp Plugin menu
  • In Payment Settings select Click & Pledge and click on "Add Payment Option"
WordPress Shopp Plugin Payment Settings
  • In Click & Pledge setting add the following information from the administrative portal > Account Info > API Information
WordPress Shopp Plugin Click & Pledge payment setting
    • Account ID
    • GUID
The above information is available in the administrative portal as shown below:
API Account
  • Once completed make sure to click on "Save Changes" before exiting the page.

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