The following are instructions show you how to integrate Click & Pledge Payment gateway in Ubercart for Drupal. Install Ubercart module with all supporting modules (unless you install all supporting modules your Ubercart project will not work).

Integration between Click & Pledge's Payment System with Ubercart:

Download the Click & Pledge integration module from GitHub: https://github.com/ClickandPledge/uc_clickandpledge

Make sure to dump all the files from our module <uc_clickandpledge >.

Use the following folder structure:

Place the  uc_clickandpledge folder under

1. <Your host root> sitesallmodulesuartpayment
2. Click on ‘Modules’ tab, you will see ‘UBERCART – PAYMENT.’ Under this you have to activate ‘Credit Card’ and ‘Click & Pledge’ (to run payment module you have to activate all supporting modules).

ubercart - payment

3. Click on ‘Store’ tab, find ‘CONFIGURATION’ section and click on ‘Payment methods.’


4. Under ‘Payment method’ you will see ‘Credit card includes Click & Pledge.’ To select ‘Click & Pledge,’ click on ‘Settings.’

payment methods

credit card settings

5. In ‘Basic settings’ tab under Default gateway choose ‘Click & Pledge’ then click on Click & Pledge tab (on left) to provide payment information. See screen below.

credit card settings Click and Pledge

6. Select ‘Default credit transaction type’.
      1. Select Environment (Test/live).
      2. Choose your Currency.
      3. Enter your Click & Pledge Account ID and API Account GUID Key.

7. Now Click on ‘Security Settings’ and enter Encryption directory name and click ‘Save configuration’:

security settings

Click & Pledge Payment gateway integrated.

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