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Additional Options

By default, Swiper1 is setup to work with least restrictions. Upon installation, Swiper1 is fully operational with appropriate login credentials. To customize Swiper1 follow the various setting options described below:

General Settings

The following options may be customized :

  • Require a signature for all transactions (ON / OFF): In ON position signature will be required.
  • Require a signature for transactions over $: A limit may be set for signature. All transactions over the set limit will require a signature while transactions below the limit will NOT require a signature. 
  • Pre-Authorization: In ON position, Pre-Authorizations let you get authorization for the card by doing a Zero $(0.00) transaction. By entering the number of days, Pre-Authorization will be allowed for that period only. After that automatically the transaction will be canceled.
  • Add Billing Information: In ON position, it will ask for customer’s Address, City, Country, State, Zip/Postal Code and Phone details on the Billing Information Screen. 
  • Sales tax option (%): In ON position all transactions will incur an added tax. In the following example, a 6% tax is added to all transactions by default. The calculated tax may be edited during the transaction process. 
  • Tax deductible option (%): In ON position, the percentage of the transaction that is tax deductible will be displayed. In the following example, 50% of all payments will be tax deductible. The tax deductible portion will appear in the receipt.
  • Default SKU: In ON position, we can enter the Default SKU. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory and other purposes.
  • Tracker: Trackers will be saved and may be downloaded through the reporting portal. The TEXT entered in the Tracker will be posted to Salesforce CRM as part of the transaction record.
  • Default Campaign: Campaign will be saved and may be downloaded through the reporting portal.  The campaign will also post to Salesforce and matched against the existing campaigns. Non-existent campaigns will be created automatically.
  • GiveBig Campaign URL Alias: You can connect swiper1 to your GiveBig campaign by entering the GiveBig campaign in this area so all transactions done on swiper1 will get posted to your GiveBig campaign. Make sure that Swiper1 and GiveBig have the same account number. 
  • Connect Campaign URL: By entering the campaign name here, you are connecting Swiper1 to your Connect Campaign, so transactions done through Swiper1 will automatically be added to the Connect campaign. Make sure that Swiper1 and Connect have the same account number.
Don’t forget to SAVE the settings.

General Settings Page

Cash Register Defaults

Default product may be defined to minimize field entry at the time of processing. The default values will auto-populate the cash register.

Cash Register Default

Additional Payments

Additional Payment

Additional Payment Page
Additional payments may be added to the final basket at the time of checkout. This feature is ideal for Tips or additional donations. Default selections will appear as buttons that may be clicked for adding the respective value to the total processing amount, in addition to an open field where the user can enter an amount. The settings may be in fixed amount or in the percentage of total basket. In percent mode amounts may also be set to round to the nearest round value.
Example 1:
Total basket amount:  $123.45
Default selections:  $10, $20, $30, $40
The patron selects $10 so the grand total will be posted as:  $133.45

Example 2:
Total basket amount:  $123.45
Default selections:  10%, 20%, 30%, 40%
At checkout the following options will be made available:
      • $12.34 (10%)
      • $24.69 (20%)
      • $37.04 (30%)
      • $49.38 (40%)
The patron selects $12.34 so the grand total will be posted as:  $135.79

Example 3:
Total basket amount:  $123.45
Default selections:  10%, 20%, 30%, 40%
OPTION:  Round to option
At checkout the following options will be made available:
      • $12 (10%)
      • $25 (20%)
      • $37 (30%)
      • $49 (40%)
The patron selects $12 so the grand total will be posted as:  $135.45

Additional Surcharge

A surcharge may be added to the subtotal prior to processing. The surcharge may be in the form of a fixed amount, a percentage, or both, e.g. $5 or $2+5% or 5%.

Additional Surcharge

Recurring options

Recurring Options

When the recurring option is enabled, the user can select one of the two recurring options: Installment or Subscription. By selecting the subscription option, the total amount of the transaction will re-process for the specified number of times. If an installment is selected, then the total amount will be divided by the selected number of installments. At least one periodicity should be selected. Recurring period and number of times should be selected accordingly. If the default is set to infinite, Subscription will be set to 999 and installments will be set to 998. Settings can be locked so it will not be editable by the user. 

Receipt Settings

Receipt Settings
Receipts may be emailed, printed and/or sent by text message.  The various settings in this settings provide several features for printing and emailing the receipt.
  • Email Receipt:  In ON, receipts will be emailed to the patron with a valid email address.
    • Organization Information: Any text entered in Organization Information will appear on email receipt.
    • Thank you message: Any text entered in Thank you message fields will appear on email receipt.
    • Terms & Conditions: Any text entered in Terms & Conditions field will appear on the print receipt.
  • Print Receipt: In ON, receipts will be printed at end of transaction on compatible printer
    • Print option: In ON, the Print option will be made available as an option after the completion of the transaction.
    • Print payment info: In ON, the card holder name & last four digits of the credit card will be printed on the receipt.
    • Print terms & condition: In ON, the terms & condition will be printed on the receipt.  Depending on the length of the terms & conditions this option may use extra paper.
    • Receipt header: By default the Swiper1 logo will appear at the top of the printed receipt. If custom text is entered here, then Swiper1 logo will be replaced with this message.
    • Receipt footer: If custom text is entered in this field, the message will appear at the bottom of the receipt.
    • Terms & Conditions: If custom text is entered in this field, then the Terms & Conditions will appear on the print receipt.
  • SMS Receipt: In ON, at the end of transactions a patron can request a receipt sent by SMS or text message.
    • Receipt Information: Customize text message to patrons. May use transaction auto fill fields to include date, total amount, and patron's full name.

Questions & Terms

  •  An unlimited number of questions may be added to form. The questions & answers will appear on both the printed and emailed receipt.
  •  The Terms & Conditions will also be added as a separate page during the checkout process. Once enabled, the user has to AGREE to the listed Terms & Conditions before being able to finalize the payment. The Terms & Conditions will appear on the receipt based on the previous settings.

 Questions & Terms

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