The GUI.xml provides the customization text for the user interface. It also provides the payment engine's account information.

The following explains the nodes listed in the GUI.xml in detail.
  • Operation
    • OperationType: "Transaction" is the only allowable option
    • EnableRestriction: If TRUE payments made from Countries or States that are restricted in the administrative system will be declined.
  • Authentication: Login to the administrative system and copy the AccountGUID as provided in the Account Info > Profile > API Information
    • AccountGuid
    • AccountID
  • Order
    • OrderMode: Test / Production. Use Test while testing the widget. While in TEST mode the test credit card number is the only number that will be authorized.
    • Tracker: Use a text for tracking payments through this widget. Using different trackers allows for tracking payments through different widgets. Reports downloaded through the administrative system shows the payments for each tracker. Reports may be downloaded for each tracker separately.
    • PaymentType: Only option is CreditCard
    • DonationTaxDeductiblePercentage: What percentage of the donation entered in the free donation field is tax deductible? enter the value as number without the percentage sign. e.g. 100
  • ThirdParty
    • eNewsletters
      • eNewsletterProvider
        • eNewsletterName: Options include: ConstantContact or MailChimp
        • SubscribeList
          • ListName: the name of the newsletter offered for subscription
  • Receipt
    • SendReceipt: True / False. If set to False no receipt will be emailed to the patron.
    • CheckOutPageID: To customize the receipt it is best if a checkout page is created in the administrative system and its ID entered in this field. The information from the Checkout page will be used for the organization information.
    • Language: the language setting customizes the language used in the receipt. The following languages are offered:
      • Value:  ENG Language: English
      • Value: CHN  Language: Chinese
      • Value: DEU  Language: Deutsche
      • Value: ITA   Language: Italian
      • Value: SPN  Language: Spanish
      • Value: POL   Language: Polish
      • Value: JAP   Language: Japanese
      • Value: RUS  Language: Russian
      • Value: FRN  Language: French
      • Value: POR  Language: Portuguese
    • OrganizationInformation: The address as it should show in the receipt. If CheckOutPageID is added this information will be retrieved from the CheckoutPageID.
    • ThankYouMessage: The message to be shown in the receipt.
    • TermsCondition: The message to be included in the receipt.
    • Deductible: True/False: Are donations tax deductible?
    • EmailNotificationList
      • NotificationEmail: Email address to receive a copy of the receipt. The email is the organization email.
  • TransactionType: Authorize / Payment: In-house accounts are all processed as Payment. Merchant accounts have the option to set it as Authorize which submits the payment as Pre-authorization requiring manual settlement in the store. For in-house account set the value to Authorize.
  • DynamicDescriptor: Text that appears on the credit card statement [applicable to in-house accounts ONLY. Merchant accounts show the account name].
  • Design: The design node provides the field names as well as error messages for each page. The following are a few of the nodes that need explanation.
    • <Theme imagePath= ""></Theme>
    • the node is the full path of the background image file. The path has to be a full path to the file with the full URL to the site where the file is located.
    • homePage: the node customizes the text shown in the first page.
      • <homePageVideoImagePath></homePageVideoImagePath> the node is the full path of the video to be used on the first page. The path may be to a video (.flv) or an image (252 x 107 pixels) to be used in the first page. Video is optional and a static image may be used in its place.  The path may also be the full URL to a YouTube video - YouTube videos will be streamed in the video window directly from YouTube.
      • text1a, text1b, to text 7 all provide custom text to be shown on the first page.

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