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Advanced Checkout Pages

The Advanced checkout system is based on the design of a traditional online shopping basket but with features customized for organizations. Customized features in the advanced system include:

  • An unlimited number of product items. Products may have options, pictures, and variable pricing for each option, including a tax deductible portion.
  • An unlimited number of donation items. Donations may be set with, or without premiums by using simple text fields or radio buttons.
  • Sales tax tables defined for specific states or countries.
  • Discount tables defined based on item quantity.
  • Inventory tracking. Items will not display when sold out.
  • Multi-lingual system checkout page in English, Chinese, GermanFrench, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
  • Plus more

    Example:  https://co.clickandpledge.com/?wid=8421

Below is a demonstration video on how to create an Advanced (or Catalogue) page:


Page Name

Enter a name that identifies this checkout page in the listing area.


Page Status

  • Active: The page will function as normal.
  • Inactive: The page returns a message stating the page is currently inactive. Inactive pages do not accept payment.


Each checkout page may be set to be in a different language. The languages currently implemented are: English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish

Default Page 

Once a page is set to be the default page, the Window ID (WID) parameter in the URL link should be replaced with ID (Account #). The account number in the URL will open the default checkout page WID. The default page may be changed and re-assigned to another checkout page at any time.


The currency type and symbol for each checkout page may be set if the account is enabled with a merchant account that settles in that currency. The default account setting is US Dollars and should not change unless your organization has a merchant account, enabled with Click &Pledge, that settles in the currency.

Tax Deductible 

The checkout page may show the amount of the donation that is tax deductible if the option is set to yes. If the Tax Deductible option is set to no, then the receipt will not show the tax deductible portion.

Allow Recurring Payments 

If set to yes, the checkout page will show the recurring donation options. If the recurring donation is enabled, patrons may choose from the preset payment schedule of every 2 weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual beginning from the date that the first payment is made.

Recurring Options 

If you wish to offer recurring transaction options for your patrons, select the recurring policy. [Read more about Recurring Policy]

Thank you Message 

Once a card has been authorized, a Thank You message will show on the Thank You page. The message shown may be customized by entering text in the box.

Custom Questions 

Custom questions are additional text fields that appear on the checkout page. These fields are used for gathering additional information that is not collected by default. Examples of such fields include: employer, occupation, graduating class, etc. These fields can be made mandatory or optional. Custom questions are created in the Custom Questions section and may be added to any checkout page.

Assign Shipping 

Shipping methods offered on a checkout page are assigned through the listing. See Shipping for more details


Header Image

Logos & banners can be uploaded for display on the checkout page.

Page Title

The page title that appears in the browser's title bar.

Page Welcome

The large text that appears at the top of the checkout page. If the field is left blank, "Welcome, Select Your Items" will appear.

Section Names

  • Showcase section label: Customize the label that shows for the Showcase item- the product that is selected to show at the top of the page with a bigger picture.
  • Donation section label: Customize the label that shows for the donation section.
  • Product section label: Customize the label that shows for the product section.

Been Here Before?

If checked, the patrons may choose to be remembered by the system. Once remembered, the patron may login when using the system in the future with all the form fields completed using the previously entered values.

Email to a Friend

Enabling this option provides an email button next to each product & donation which allows a link to the product to be emailed to a friend by the patron.

Donation and Product Display Order

Checkout pages group all products together and all donations together. By dragging each group in the desired position, products or donations may be placed at the top or at the bottom of the page.

Address/Organizational Information

The information appearing on the receipt may be customized for each checkout page. It is important to include enough information on the receipt for patrons to be able to contact your organization. Considering the receipt is also a tax receipt, such information as Employer ID number, tax status (e.g. 501 c(3), etc.) may also be included.

Terms & Conditions

Used commonly by political campaigns, terms & conditions allow for additional information including rules & procedures that the payee should be informed of prior to making the payment.

  • Show Terms & Conditions: Clicking this option will show the text on the checkout page.Require users to confirm that they have read the Terms & Conditions before checking out: If made required the donor has to check a box acknowledging the he/she has read the Terms & Conditions prior to being able to make the payment.Include on the receipt: Include the Terms & Conditions on the receipt.
  • Require users to confirm that they have read the terms & conditions before checking out:  The patron has to check a box confirming that he/she has read the terms & conditions.
  • Include on the receipt:  Will include a copy of the terms & conditions at the bottom of the receipt.


Matching Gifts 

If your organization has a matching gift program you may want to enable the matching gift option for the checkout page. Once activated the patron has the option to enter the required information. You may also add a link to the form on your site designed specifically for matching gifts.

Memorial or Honorarium Gifts 

Donors may make donation in honor of someone, or as a gift to someone. The following shows the checkout page option that will appear once this option is enabled. The system automatically sends an email to the gift recipient and shows your message after the recipient's name followed by the donor's person.

Accepted Cards

Select Payment Type 

Payments may be accepted in the currency chosen. This option should only be used if your merchant account is enabled by Click & Pledge through the gateway. The default currency is US Dollars.

Invoice & Purchase Order 

These two payment methods are free and no charge is incurred by using them. If a donor requests to be invoiced the system automatically sends him/her an invoice requesting the payment to be sent directly to the organization. Click & Pledge plays no role in collecting the funds and therefore does not charge for the transaction. Invoicing & Purchase Orders are available in Catalog pages ONLY and not available in the Friendly pages


Customize Your Colors

Checkout page colors may be customized through the selection of colors in the color palette.  Click on each color palette icon for a list of all available web colors. You may preview the checkout page by clicking on "Preview Your Checkout Page Colors".


Notification Mailing List 

List all the email addresses that need to receive a copy of the receipt if a payment is made through this checkout page. The email addresses listed only receive a copy of the receipt if this checkout page is used, otherwise they will not receive the receipt. If an email address should receive a copy of the receipt for all transactions, regardless of the checkout page or product or donation items purchased it is best if the email is listed in the Account Info (Receipt / Email Notification) and not for the checkout page. 

3rd Party

The following services need to be activated in the Account Info > 3rd Party tab prior to appearing in this section.

  • Enable eNewsletter
  • Enable Salesforce
  • Enable Twitter
  • Enable Facebook
  • Enable LinkedIn
  • Enable Click & Pledge Mobile Giving
  • Enable Fraud Service
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