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Campaigns are internal tracking methods for recording of transactions in a given time window.  Payments transacted using checkout pages with a campaign will be recorded with the campaign name while the target amount has NOT yet been raised and in between the START and the STOP date.

New Campaign

Campaign Name
The name of the campaign as it should appear in the report.  The name will also appear in the pull down menu in the Settings area of each checkout page.
Target Amount [optional]
The campaign's total target.  Once the target has reached the campaign will STOP recording the campaign's name in the reports.  The page will NOT be disabled and will function exactly as before but without tracking the campaign name.  This field is optional and if set to 0, the amount will not be used as a constraint.
Display Schedule
The START and STOP date for the campaign.  The END date is optional & if omitted the campaign will NOT stop based on date.  If both TARGET AMOUNT and STOP DATE are omitted the campaign will never stop recording the campaign once it starts recording.
Internal Notes
Internal comments and notes.  Will not be reflected anywhere but may be used to describe the campaign for internal user only.

Manage Campaign

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