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Click & Pledge's CiviCRM integration for Joomla CMS provides complete integration of the payment system with CiviCRM forms.  Below are detailed instructions on how to install the application. Instructions were developed based off of the CiviCRM wiki here: 

Integration Click & Pledge Payment Gateway

Requirements: Joomla2.5 Installed and then installed CiviCRM4.2. Please find more details at http://wiki.civicrm.org/confluence/display/CRMDOC42/Joomla+Installation+Guide+for+CiviCRM+4.2

  • Make sure to dump all the downloaded files from below link to your Joomla project folder, follow the same file structure. 
  • Note: Please download correct version of folder. Ex. CnP_CiviCRM4.2-Joomla2.5.x, if your version of Joomla is 2.5.6 and CiviCRM version4.2
  • Open Folder structure in the downloaded folder and open supported version of joomla. Ex. Joomla1.7,  if your version of joomla is 1.7
  • Follow the following folder structure: <your host root>\administrator\components\com_civicrm\civicrm\CRM\Core\Payment\ ClickAndPledge.php 
  • Note: If you found any file with name ‘ClickAndPledge.php’ in above location please replace the file with this new version. <your host root>\administrator\components\com_civicrm\civicrm\packages\ClickAndPledge
  • Copy all the files from our package to your civicrm folder into corresponding folders as above. 

Database entry

Open ‘database.sql’ file in CnP_CiviCRM and corresponding Joomla version folder and run the query in your database server or import the file to your database server(into your CiviCRM database)

Admin login

admin login

After login into admin area go to Components->CiviCRM to launch civiCRM


How to add Payment Processor?

Then go to Administrator->System Settings->Payment Processors

payment processor

Then click on Add Payment Processor
There you will find ‘Click & Pledge’ in ‘Payment Processor Type’ dropdown menu. Select ‘Click & Pledge’. It will display following screen

new payment processor

Give ‘Account ID’ and ‘API Account GUID’ in corresponding fields then click on 'Save.'

Note: Your Click & Pledge ‘Account ID’ and ‘API Account GUID’ is available within the Click & Pledge portal:
  • Login to the Click & Pledge administrative portal: https://Portal.ClickandPledge.com
  • Click on Account Info
  • In Profile tab>API Information copy the information needed for the above screen.

How to use this for our needs?

For Events:
Click on Events->New Event


Enter required details then click on ‘continue’ button. Then click on ‘Fees’ tab it will display following screen. When you click on ‘Yes’ for ‘Paid Event’ option then there you can select currency from ‘Currency’ drop down , ‘Click & Pledge’ from ‘Payment Processor’ drop down and can enter other required information.


How to set up an event for registration?

Click on ‘Online Registration’ tab, check ‘Allow Online Registration?’ option, then you can enter online registration details like registration start and end dates.

online registration

If you select ‘Allow multiple registrations from the same email address?’  then you need to select ‘Profile for Additional Participants’ any profile of type ‘individual’

How to test application?

After setting fees and online registration options look for ‘Event Links’ button above the screen

event links

From the list you can select ‘Online Registration (Test-drive)’ or ‘Online Registration (Live)’

How to add other currencies? (How to add more countries?)

Go to Administrator->Localization->Languages, Currencies, Locations


For Contributions

Click on Contributions->New Contribution Page


Enter required details then click on ‘Continue>>’ button. It will display following screen. Here you can select currency, payment processor (see above How to add payment processor?) and can select other options like amount, etc.

contribution amounts

If you wish you can set other options like Memberships, Receipt, Tell a Friend, etc.

How to Test application?

After setting ‘Amounts’ option, click on ‘Contribution Links’ it will display links for testing application.

configure page for contribution test

How to add Memberships?

Go to Administrator->CiviMember->Membership Types then click on ‘Add Membership Type’

membership types

From the screen you can enter name of membership, membership organization, etc.

new membership type

NOTE: ‘Membership Organization’ must exist as a CiviCRM Organization type contact.

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