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Salesforce Event Layout Modifications

Several related lists need to be modified as part of the 1.7x release.  Registrants & Attendees are matched against the C&P Settings > Contacts & Accounts > Match Mode.  If Registrants or Attendees are not matched against an existing Contact in Semi-Automatic or Manual mode, they will be placed in a Temporary Contact area for review.

Attendees & Registrants being held in the Temporary Contact area need to be reviewed through the buttons provided in the Events layout page.  Follow the steps listed below to add the required buttons:

Step 1: Go to Events tab
Step 2: Go to an existing event
Step 3: Click on Edit Layout

Edit Layout
Step 4:  Add the following fields to the layout. Click the fields then click 'Save.'
  • Additional Donation
  • Label For Additional Donation
  • SKU For Additional Donation
  • Donation Tax Deductible
  • Mode
Event Layout Customization

As shown below:

Event Mode Layout

Additional Donation Fields:

Optional Payment

Step 6: Go to C&P Event Registered Attendees & click on "Related List Properties" wrench

Related List Properties

Step 7: Click on the Buttons + sign in the pop-up window

C&P Event Registered Attendees Related List Properties

Step 8: Add the appropriate button to the Related List. Click 'OK'.
  • Manage Temporary Contacts
  • New Registration
New Registration Button

Step 9: Repeat this for "Event Registrant"
Step 10: Go to an Event Level and repeat this procedure - for levels add "Manage Temporary Contacts for This Level"
Step 11:  Add Mode to the Event Level layout
Go to any Event Level Layout page and click on Edit Layout as shown below:
Edit Layout

Select Mode from the list of Fields. Click 'Save'.
Mode Field

Drag the Mode field into the layout as shown below:
Level Mode

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