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Salesforce Event Post Installation

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Before installing “Click & Pledge Event Management” Package you must first:
  • Install “Click & Pledge PaaS Class Library” package
  • Install "Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service"
  • Complete the Activation between Click & Pledge and Salesforce
  • Complete the "Click & Pledge Payment-as-a-Service" Post Installation instructions
After Installing “Click & Pledge Event Management” you need to Create Site (if not created earlier). This is a Salesforce public URL site. 

Select the preference

Three options will be displayed. Select the desired option and click on Install for moving ahead. 

Approve Third-Party access

Enable the check-box and click on Continue for the completion of Events Post Installation.


Please refer to the PaaS post-installation for creating a site.  The Event application uses the same site as set up in the PaaS application.

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