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Swiper1 provides an automatic integration with Woosim Bluetooth printers. While we have tested the application with Woosim Porti-W40 and Woosim Porti-S30, all Bluetooth printers from Woosim should work due to the universal driver for all their printers.

The following provide a few points about the Woosim printer and how it may be purchased.

Woosim Bluetooth Printer S40Woosim Printer S40

Woosim Bluetooth printers are cost effective portable units with Click & Pledge discount price of $175.

Swiper1 has been tested with:  PORTI-S40 (2 inch-wide paper) [read more]

Other Woosim Bluetooth printers will also work since Swiper1 uses the Woosim universal driver.

We have negotiated a discount with Woosim Systems, Inc. To purchase please contact Sales Ext: 114 and mention Click & Pledge discount. The discount is not available through the website

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