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The ticketing widget may be customized through a number of XML files provided with the application. The following files and folders are included:
  • Themes: Folder containing background images and themes.
    • Theme_Ballet.png
    • Theme_Democrats.png
    • Theme_Drama.png
    • Theme_Education.png
    • Theme_Guitar.png
    • Theme_Microphone.png
    • Theme_Republication.png
    • Theme_Template.psd (Use the Adobe Photoshop file to create custom backgrounds as applicable to your specific needs)
  • Video
    • SwanLake.flv (Flash video sample for demo)
  • xmlFiles
    • Countries.xml [ISO country listing]
    • GUI.xml [customization of the graphical user interface e.g. field names, color, images, etc.)
    • Products.xml [Product listing including options, prices, tax deductible portions, etc.)
    • US_States.xml [Listing of all USA States. Additional files may be created for other countries]

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