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The Ticket files include two XML files for products.xml.
  • Minimum setting: Products_Minimum.xml [rename to products.xml before use]
  • Elaborate setting: Products.xml
The Products_Minimum.xml provides the least number of nodes needed for the Ticketing ClickIts to work. It includes a single product with a single option and no eTicketing . The more detailed products.xml offers various options for product listings. It includes several variations of products, including option with or without ticket and with or without the convenience fee.

The following illustrates the layout of Products.xml:

Ticketing Panel 1  Ticketing Panel 2
The options listed in the first panel's pull down menu:
Panel Options

Opening the Products.xml provides the following sample collapsed listing. Please note that Notepad++ allows for collapsing nodes by clicking the -/+ sign on the left hand side of the screen.

Product XML Collapsed

The above listing shows the following primary nodes:
  • Product
  • AcceptedCards
As the names imply to edit products the Products node should be edited and to accept or reject specific cards the AcceptedCards node may be edited.
The Product node has a child node titled subProduct. subProducts are the options for the product as listed in Page 2 once the product is selected.
Product Options
subProduct node has the following child nodes:
  • UnitPrice
  • ConvenienceFee [Each product may be set with its own optional convenience fee - Total convenience fee = FeeFlat + (total cost x FeeRate)
    • FeeFlat: A flat convenience fee to be added per item selected for this option.
    • FeeRate: A percentage to be multiplied by the total cost of the item.
  • Ticket
While the UnitPrice & ConvenienceFee nodes are self explanatory the Ticketing node requires further customization. The PDF eTicket emailed to the patron offers bar code and graphical customization that utilize several nodes. The ticketing node is explained further in Customizing the Tickets section.

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