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To set up the Ticketing ClickIts please follow the detailed steps listed below. Please note that the ticketing system is a Flash based application. Flash has certain limitations when working across multiple domains (e.g. your site and Click & Pledge servers). To enable cross site interaction a cross domain policy file has to be placed at the root of your web site.

Download & place the following file in your site's root folder. Root folder is the top level folder where your web site's main page is located.

The next steps will set up the sample widget:

  1. Download the sample files: Ticketing.zip
  2. Unzip Ticketing_R001.zip
  3. Copy the files to a directory within your website
  4. Visit your site and the folder to check the widget.
  5. To customize the ticketing widget visit the customization page.

The files, as they are copied, should show the ticketing widget in your website.

Important Note:

The Ticketing widget is a self inclusive application where the credit card information will be collected within the widget. Since the credit card information is being collected the site hosting the widget has to be secure. If you are hosting your site in such sites as GoDaddy or Network Solutions or any other publicly hosting solutions, adding an SSL key should be as easy as choosing a few additional options. If you are hosting your site on a private server then adding an SSL key requires purchasing the key from a company such as Geotrust, Verisign, Thawte, RapidSSL. While there are many sites that offer SSL keys we have found RapidSSL through Servertastic to be one of the most cost effective solutions. Visit Servertastic for details: https://www.servertastic.com/rapidssl/

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