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API Platform

The API platform is the backbone of the Click & Pledge's payment system.  Developers use the API platform to create custom applications and forms interacting with the many integrated services included in the platform.  Through the API platform a developer takes advantage of the following without any additional programming:
  • Authorization through various gateways through a simple unified schema
  • Posting to Salesforce CRM platform
  • Posting to Mailchimp eNewsletter service
  • Posting to ConstantContact eNewsletter service
  • Posting to Twitter social network
  • Enabling mobile giving
The API platform's development path includes inclusion of various third party applications as part of a single programming interface.

The API includes the following services:
  • Payment-as-a-Service [PaaS]
  • Forms-as-a-Service [FaaS]
  • Reporting-as-a-Service [RaaS]

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