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Payment as a Service

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Fraud Protection

Custom forms are not protected by Click & Pledge's fraud protection guarantee since reCAPTCHA cannot be enforced, as well as various server-side checks & balances we have included in the CONNECT forms.  Please make sure the forms are tested against credit card validation robo-attacks.  By using the API you are accepting complete responsibility for all fraudulent transactions.


Click & Pledge’s Payment Application Interface (PAI) provides a comprehensive API for the Trio payment and administrative engine. Through the PAI, programmers may interact with the Trio system within their respective applications. To prevent spam and fraudulent attacks on webforms that use Click & Pledge’s API all forms must include reCAPTCHA to validate patrons.

By default all accounts are set up with the API credentials. To access the API information follow the steps listed below:

Make sure to check the sample code section as well as the Sandbox for testing the XML’s generated by your code. [Check the table of content for links].

Questions?  Post your questions to the forum at:

Web Service

Please use the following link for connecting with the service:

  • https://paas.cloud.clickandpledge.com/PaymentService.svc?wsdl
  • Available methods:
    • Operation
    • OperationBase64Encode
    • Echo

The service will ONLY respond to secure sites.  To use the API the site hosting the form has to be hosted on a secure site (https).

Manual, Schema & XML Sample

The following are various documents describing the PAI and its parameters.

Click & Pledge Secured

Click & Pledge is a certified PCI-Level 1 application service provider.  Our API has undergone testing and security audit by Control Case and therefore is fully compliant with PCI standards. You may add Click & Pledge secured button to forms.  The button will change color according to the page’s security setting.

Download:  ClickandPledge_Secured.zip


Due to the nature of the PAI and the many environments that programmers may use, support is only provided through the user forums at: 

Please join the forum and post your questions to the appropriate list.

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