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Form as a Service

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Forms as a Service is an easy way to take advantage of the flexibilities offered by the API. The FaaS web service allows web designers to design a donation form and use the POST method to process the transactions through the webpage without any need for launching an external site. To prevent spam and fraudulent attacks on webforms that use Click & Pledge’s API all forms must include reCAPTCHA to validate patrons.

Fraud Protection

Custom forms are not protected by Click & Pledge's fraud protection guarantee since reCAPTCHA cannot be enforced, as well as various server-side checks & balances we have included in the CONNECT forms.  Please make sure the forms are tested against credit card validation robo-attacks.  By using the API you are accepting complete responsibility for all fraudulent transactions.

Post to FaaS

To process transactions through the FaaS services post the form result to:

  • https://FaaS.Cloud.ClickandPledge.com

Three links need to be provided as part of any call to the FaaS service.
  • Authorization link
  • Decline link
  • Error link

The above links instruct the FaaS service what page to respond to when a card authorizes, declines, or when an error is generated. Details of how to setup a page as well as examples are provided in the following sections.

Samples & Downloads

Building forms is quite easy using web development tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or any other web authoring applications.

The following is the complete form with all fields:

The above form will reply back to simple pages with Authorize, Decline, and Error messages. The Replies are provided in the URL.

Need to see a different example?  Please join the forum & let us know.

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